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Established in Sudbury, Ontario, providing quality website and graphic design services to their clients without forcing them to pay outrageous prices has been the goal of Kaatt's Media Design since 2004.


Today, that same goal still stands. Why should anyone looking for new design pay tens of thousands of dollars when the same calibre can be produced for much less? The past work, testimonials, and top rated service listing speak for words for the effectiveness Kaatt's Media Design has had on the online community for their clients across North America.


After over 15 years of designing quality, effective website and graphic designs, Kaatt's Media Design looks forward to a bright future of continuous, qualitative and reasonable priced online & print services.

Contact us today to see how Kaatt's Media Design can bring your design needs to a reality without breaking your budget!


Interested in hearing what our clients have to say themselves? Read their testimonials below.


Did You Know?

Kaatt's Media Design is one of few media design companies in the world who has and maintains their own Environmental Policy.

Since our inception, we have been committed to keeping our home green and helping to ensure our customers try to do the same.

Our Environmental Policy includes:

-100% paperless invoicing & billing

-A strict "Do not print unless necessary" policy

-Participation in the City of Greater Sudbury Recycling Program

-Participation in the Hewlett-Packard Canada Ink Recycling Program

-And since 2019, ALL of our websites and domains are hosted on powered by 100% Certified Green Renewable Energy Sources.


Click here to read more about our Environmental Policy and how do your part to help protect the planet for future generations.

What Our Clients Say

Kaatt's gave me the professional look and feel for my website and graphic design needs while maintaining the personal contact I desired during the design process. Top notch customer support at a great price. I was extremely satisfied with my experience.

Yeah Sports Network
Ontario, Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Kaatt's to create an AutoTrader style website for snowmobiles and related equipment . Fast courteous and professional and helped me create the site that I wanted. They're detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to make his clients happy. If I were designing a new site I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great site at a great price.

Ontario, Canada

Kaatt's was awesome about answering any questions I had during the process and helping me understand how to edit my menus etc afterwards! A great experience overall! Great manual to help me through the administration part of the website! Easy to use and pleasing to the eye! They exceeded my expectations! Would highly recommend! Thank you Kaatt's for exceeding my expectations! Thank you for a job well done!

Backwoods Bakery
Tarzwell, Ontario

Kaatt's WebDesign has been doing our soccer website for about 3 years now. He worked with us to set it up to our liking and we haven't looked back since. He is always a click away if we run into problems. It is very user friendly for our parents to look up information. We put our schedules on the website as well as pictures and scores and standings.

Kirkland Lake Soccer
Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Kaatt's WebDesign stepped up to the challenge we placed before them. In doing that, they hit it out of the park. RentalRating.ca is exactly how we envisioned it and it couldn't have turned out better. The friendly staff understood our needs and respected our desires. Their insightful knowledge helped build the site to surpass our original expectations. We couldn't be happier!

Ontario, Canada

Kaatt’s WebDesign did an amazing job with my website. Not only am I extremely pleased with the work that was done but the service was excellent as well. My emails were answered promptly. He guided through the process so that I always knew what was going on with the website from start to finish. My web designer was very professional and was helpful with ideas when I was uncertain. What I found remarkable about the service was that I felt like he wanted my business to succeed and was going to do his best to make my site help me reach that goal. I have confidence in the work that was done and I highly recommend this company.

Urban Oasis
Hanmer, Ontario

We are very pleased with the service provided. Kaatt's walked me through the process step by step to make sure it is what I want. The quality and workmanship of my site design is impeccable and my customers say "Very professional site". The price that I paid was the very best that I could have gotten anywhere. I made a good decision to go with Kaatt's WebDesign. We have and will continue to promote this company. I hope you go far!

ReaL Wine in Time
Lively, Ontario

They are totally professional and make sure you are happy with the finished product. There is no other web company I will be dealing with in the future. They were not happy until I was happy which says a lot about who is important when it comes to customer satisfaction. If anyone needs a website definitely deal with Kaatt's. Your website will look like a million dollars!!!!!

Good Four Sides Renovation
Sudbury, Ontario

Once again, Kaatt's WebDesign produced an amazing website for me. I couldn't be happier with the price and service I received! Even now, Kaatt's WebDesign continues to be there when I need updates and has really become dependable! If I need an update, even a tiny little one, Kaatt's is there for it. They have even added their own ideas to make my site even better! Thanks once again!

Greater Sudbury Ball Hockey League (2009)
Sudbury, Ontario

I'm very happy with the work done for me, the website is intuitive and attractive. Communication was clear, quick, and concise. To my surprise, the whole site was up and functional in half of a day. Everything I wanted was done and it was done correctly, the design was done in a way that will catch anyone's interest. I'm very happy with the service and I couldn't ask for much more.

Sudbury Zombie Walk
sudbury, Ontario

In less than a day, I had a working web site, with 3 different banners to pick from. Not only that, but they worked with me the whole way. Every question, comment and though, was put to test on the site, or, answered. By the time he was finished, 3 days had passed, and all my thoughts and comments had been addressed and put to use onto the site. Once they were finished, a custom manual was created for me, and not create by copy pasting a walk-thru for me, but, my very own, custom made help guide. And when I came across problems that I wasn't sure, he even went back in the guide, twice, to change things to make them more user understandable. Once all said and done, he walked me threw some changes I would be making, and now, I have done many things I didn't think I could do when we first started. Can I fully write and understand HTML coding and writing, NO, can I change and add stuff to my site following his examples and help guide, YES. Thank you, Kaatt's Web Design

Multiple Scoregasms
Sudbury, Ontario

I am absolutely pleased with the service and design that we both put into the site. I was well informed throughout, and my ideas and wants were taken into account. The website looks great! It looks professional and sophisticated. The service is overall fantastic and I would definitely tell people to choose Kaatt's for their website needs!

Flexx Fitness
Chelmsford, Ontario