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Kaatt's Media Design Environmental Policy

Kaatt's Media Design is one of few media design companies in the world who has and maintains their own Environmental Policy. We are committed to keeping our home green and helping to ensure our customers try to do the same. Read more about our Environmental Policy below and do your part to help protect the planet for future generations.


What are the components of Kaatt's Media Design's Environmental Policy?

The Environmental Policy of Kaatt's Media Design states that all business related material such as emails, documents, images and any printable media is stored electronically on encrypted data drives and is never printed unless it is unavoidable. We are essentially, practically 100% paperless.


In the event something must be printed, minimal printer ink is used and any unused paper is reused for other purposes. All empty ink cartridges are returned to Hewlett-Packard Canada to be refilled to help eliminate excess waste. All non-reusable paper is recycled through the City of Greater Sudbury Recycling Program. More information about the City of Greater Sudbury Recycling Program can be found here.


Our Environmental Policy also includes an attachment to any outgoing email signature stating:

 Help Kaatt's Media Design protect the environment. Do not print any email unless absolutely necessary! For more information about Kaatt's Media Design's Environmental Policy, click here.


In 2019, Kaatt’s Media Design changed our third-party domain & hosting provider in an effort to maintain a higher environmental standard. Through our provider, HostPapa Canada, all of our domains and websites are hosted on 100% Powered by Certified Green Renewable Energy Sources. More information about HostPapa Canada’s Green Energy program can be found here.


Why does Kaatt's Media Design have such a policy?

We began our Environmental Policy to not only show customers and online visitors that a business can be completely and effectively run without the need to use paper. We also hope other businesses and organizations will develop their version of an Environmental Policy to do their part.


How can I help Kaatt's Media Design effectively maintain their Environmental Policy? It's easy!

» Don't print any email, attachments, or other media unless you have to.

» Use recycling services for paper and other computer equipment.

» Develop and enforce your own Environmental Policy.

» Use green energy services when available

» Remember to walk across the face of the Earth as though you walk across the faces of your grandchildren.